artery-exchange witness

We are a group of crypto fans and experts with many years of experience working with various blockchains such as Bitshares, EOS, Telos, Artery and others.

This is our witness proposal for Graphene.

We intend to develop a crypto exchange for Artery integrating with Graphene blockchain.
More information will be provided later.

We need 15,000 GPH (10000 lifetime member + 5000 create witness)
If one of the lottery winners is willing to sell, please let us know.


btw have you start your witness already? if so please point me your witness id, because I couldn't find it


@blockchained, Could not register witness since a newly created account artery-exchange does not have any balance.

create_witness artery-exchange "" true


Please send a few tokens to register witness account.


@artery-academy, It will cost 15000 coins (10000 lifetime member + 5000 create witness). So you need to wait until the GPH trading starts.


@mbtrades, When is GPH going to be available for purchase?
If one of the lottery winners is willing to sell 15,000 GPH, please let us know.


@artery-academy, I created the OTC chat. If anybody wants to buy and sell some graphene, so wellcome!