12/04/2021 Graphene (GPH) blockchain launch

Hey everyone!

Today we‘ve officially released Graphene blockchain code to the public on GtHub. As of this post all lottery participants can access their liquid GPH tokens. You can use the desktop client, located at GitHub, or assemble your own build from the sources.

Please note: to claim your GPH, you need to do a claim procedure, short instruction is located below.

Everyone who wants to announce their candidacy for witness or committee position is advised to create an announcement thread on the forum and use the link to the thread during witness/committee launch.

The next step in our planned migration to Graphene blockchain would be relocation of RuDEX exchange and gateway to the Graphene blockchain, which we will announce separately.

Happy launch, everyone!


Let's mortal kombat begin!


To claim GPH using cli_wallet:

  1. Install and sync full node, launch cli_wallet locally; or attach to remote cli_wallet
  2. Set wallet password and unlock the wallet with it by using commands "set_password " and "unlock "
  3. Import owner private key from Bitshares using command "import_key <graphene_account_name_which_is_equal_to_BS_account_name> <bitshares_account_owner_private_key>"
  4. Claim genesis balance for your graphene account by executing "import_balance <account_name> <bitshares_account_owner_private_key> true"