Price Feed Script for Graphene

Witnesses please setup your price feed for gpUSD here is an open source public script down below

  1. docker pull blckchnd/graphene-pricefeed
  2. copy examples/default.yaml to path_to/config.yml
  3. change producer: your_witness_name
  4. command:
    docker run --rm -v /path_to/config.yml:/usr/src/app/config.yml blckchnd/graphene-pricefeed graphene-pricefeed update --active-key 5xxxxxxxxxxx
  5. for autoupdate, add command to cron

there are 3 pricing sources for GPH:
(by default all 3 are active)

You can observe and remove/add them as liquidity increases, so that there is no strong disproportion of influence.

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