Announcement of Rudex migration from Bitshares to Graphene

Good news, everyone!

The time has come! As we have repeatedly declared in our public chats and on the forum, RuDEX is migrating from Bitshares blockchain to Graphene

Migration is planned starting from 12:00 MSK 24.05.2021 (Mon) to 12:00 MSK 27.05.2021 (Thu). Please note that it will take THREE FULL DAYS! During this time all RuDEX gateways will be disabled for deposit/withdrawal, as well as transfer will be disabled for all RuDEX assets on Bitshares.

Such duration is due to the necessity to scan Bitshares blockchain to gather required data to swap RuDEX UIA assets from Bitshares blockchain to RuDEX UIA assets on Graphene blockchain.

After migration the deposits/withdrawals will be restored in full but using Graphene blockchain.

Most public services provided by RuDEX for Bitshares blockchain will be disabled, and there are no plans to enable them in the future.

Assets on RuDEX accounts are eligible for swap if their amount is equal or greater than the minimum amount for gateway withdrawal, information about the minimum limits is available here.

P.S. To access Bitshares using our platform we will keep domain, you will be able to use it to access your tokens on Bitshares platform that are not issued by RuDEX. We would like to note that this DNS address will work only as an access point and registration faucet, all other services for Bitshares blockchain will be disabled.

Thank you for your time, and we’ll see you on the other side!
Team RuDEX


@rudex, Gogogo