RUDEX foundation: DEXBOT


Like any exchange, RUDEX seeks to increase liquidity, therefore, in order to more actively develop this direction, we want to offer you the service of placing your funds in a fund with full support, which can offer you the following advantages:

1. Clarity and Predictability — this is an algotrading service, which means that trading happens based on a predefined scheme. DEXbots lack emotions and follow a strict set of rules. This prevents situations like when you sold all your bitcoins at 10k, right before it rose to 40k, or you bought LUNA at “the bottom” at $20 using your whole deposit , and then it crashed to $0.0002.

2. Diversification — an average investor with $5000 would be better off having a 20% share in 5 bots, than 100% in one bot: it is safer, more stable, and opens more possibilities.

3. Transparency — everything is contained within the blockchain, which means it is publicly available for monitoring and control by anyone. You'll be provided with the ability to audit with a calculation of current capitalization.

4. Passivity
A truly passive fund for its investors, where after entering you don’t need to do anything else, manage something or participate in any other way: the bots are configured and constantly maintained by the team.

5. No Management Fees
No management fees, explicit or hidden. There are also no fees for the acquisition or alienation of a token/share of the fund.

A preliminary plan:

  1. Creation of a list of bots with an assigned start sequence and fundraising of a sufficient amount of funds that can be equally divided by the number of lots.
  2. One-time issuance of a minimum amount of tokens required for launch (for example, 20 lots = 20 bots) and sale to investors.

If there are more applicants, we will organize additional issuance of lots (for example 5 lots a day/week); if a complete lot is not filled, then the raised amount would be used to create a limit order to buy tokens from the market, that would allow those who want to close or reduce their position before the end of the term to do so.

If by the time of the next profit-taking these tokens are not completely bought out, then unrealized part in $ will be automatically added into the fund used to account for the investors' money (so there will be no return or any other infringement of investors' rights), and further accounting will include these tokens; in case of complete buyout of the lots there will be no remainder to add.


1. Blocking
The funds are blocked for a minimum of 1 year, with a possibility to exit right after by request (sent in private Telegram chat) and be settled based on resulting PNL, or be able to extend your participation with subsequent refinancing.

2. Profit-taking, exit options, refinancing
Exit points will also appear after bursts of volatility and the subsequent return to the average price: this will provide an opportunity to withdraw your funds ahead of time if desired (every such opportunity will be announced separately, see below for more details about the early exit option).

Suppose funds were not withdrawn (early exit, at the middle points of the price or at the end of the annual period), in that case, a planned refinancing will take place taking into account the profit, thus increasing turnover and, accordingly, subsequent profit (adding new bots to available funds).

Thus, the token DEXBOT represents the share of the fund, which in the long term shows growth in dollar terms.

3. Purchase, sale and circulation of fund tokens
Tokens can be freely bought/sold on the market, i.e., if you want to sell your share to someone or buy a part of someone else's share.
The fund management fee is 0%, the fund token trading fee is also 0%, all profits are distributed among the participants, and you don't pay any overhead costs.

4. Audit and transparency
Both the account audit and all other information will be publicly available on the blockchain, and a real-time analysis of the fund's capitalization will probably be added later. It can serve as a guide to understand the current price of the token/share of the fund, so that you can buy/sell it at the current rate.

5. Entry/exit from the fund
It will be possible to enter the fund on your own only before the start date, by redeeming the desired number of tokens/shares of the fund for USDT, after the start it can be done only if there are shares of other participants available on the market. You may also be able to enter the fund later when additional rounds are opened if there are enough applicants and the market conditions are favorable.

On pre-determined exit dates, tokens will be redeemed at a fixed price, taking into account profit and capitalization (see example below).

If a new pool of participants gathers earlier than in a year, for example, in 6 months, then the fund's tokens will be additionally issued and put on the market at a price calculated on the basis of ADDITIONAL CAPITALIZATION + the current price of the fund.

So if the current price of the fund at the start was $100,000 (for 100,000 starting tokens), and six months later it is estimated at $110,000, then the price of 1 token = $1.1
If, under such conditions, a new entry point is planned, for example, for an additional $30,000, then further the total capitalization will be $140,000, because $110,000 is already in circulation, and the increase will be $30,000.
So in order to not dilute both the profit and the share of existing participants, it is necessary to issue additional (($100,000 + $40,000)/($1.1) = 127,272 - 100,000 (from the start) = 27,272 additional fund tokens.
They will be available for purchase at a price of $1.1, i.е. its current price, the same as tokens from the starting batch. This will be more optimal for fungibility and circulation of equivalent tokens rather than issuing different tokens, which will lead to confusion. It will be more convenient for everyone to focus on the token = share ratio.

Let's give an example: Alice wants to exit after a year when the price of the token (according to the current capitalization) is $1.2.
She puts on her 400 tokens (which are equal to $400 on the start or, following the example above, to $440 at the 2nd entry point), the fund fixes profits (rebalances bots, if necessary) and buys from Alice her tokens at a price of 400 * 1.2 = 480 USDT, after which these tokens are burned.

DEXBOT_price_capitalization - Formula for calculating the cost of a token

DEXBOT_price_capitalization = marcetcap_usdt/supply_for_investors

supply_for_investors - the number of tokens in the hands of investors

supply_investors = supply - fund_has_tokens

supply - the total issued number of DEXBOT tokens in circulation can be seen on the page:

marcetcap_usdt - the amount in USDT is equivalent to all funds on bot accounts and owned by a public fund (the current list with funds can be seen on the audit page:

fund_has_tokens - the number of DEXBOT tokens on fund accounts (most often on accounts rudex-dexbot-fund and dexbot).

6. Early exit option:

Applications for early exit will be accepted within a week from Monday to Friday (5 days).

An application for the settle of DEXBOT tokens is carried out - by sending the required number of tokens to the dexbot account, which can be done either manually or through the settle button.


Then on Sunday - settlement is made by sending USDT to the account from which the request for the redemption of DEXBOT tokens came. After that, the received DEXBOT tokens are burned

The buyback price will be 5% cheaper than capitalization on Sunday.
At the same time, the exit premium remains in the fund as a bonus to capitalization for all those remaining.

This option is suitable for those who suddenly need funds – it allows them to exit the fund, for others it is an opportunity to enter the fund at a discount, which consequently creates interest in the market.

P.S. As you can see, the fund's strategy is quite straightforward and does not promise you 100x a year and insides from Nasdaq's kitchen. However, if you wish to diversify your portfolio between various crypto assets, build a stable trading system and start making profit remotely with risks many times lower than in manual trading, and also support an independent project, then welcome to our Telegram: DEXBOT Fund


For the convenience of monitoring the capitalization of the fund, the distribution of tokens and the assets of bots, we launched:

The numbers are dynamic, everything is online.

The page will be gradually updated with more useful information.

You can purchase DEXBOT tokens here:


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